Instructional Video

The task of creating an instructional video was a definite challenge however very rewarding in the sense that you have accomplished something that will benefit your students. My group and I were guided to use a variety of platforms in which made the process rather manageable. Our first task was among the most important since … More Instructional Video

Reflective Learning

Taking on the task of creating a WebQuest as well as participating in WebQuests that were made by fellow classmates was an informative experience as I was first hand able to witness the potential that they can have in the classroom. It was truly eye opening to navigate by-myself through someone else’s WebQuest and imagine … More Reflective Learning


Webquests have proved to be useful for many aspects in education. The inquiry- based lesson format encourages students to develop problem solving, high order thinking, and reasoning skills while fostering analytical and organizational abilities. Students are tasked to actively search for answers through given resources in which is a form of self directed learning. I … More Webquest

Connected Educator

Twitter Chat Experience Participating in a Twitter live chat for class last Thursday was definitely a positive experience and opened my eyes to the educational and informational possibilities that Twitter presents. The experience was rather enjoyable as it was very interactive and I enjoyed seeing everyone’s responses as well as any additional content that was … More Connected Educator