Connected Educator

Twitter Chat Experience

Participating in a Twitter live chat for class last Thursday was definitely a positive experience and opened my eyes to the educational and informational possibilities that Twitter presents. The experience was rather enjoyable as it was very interactive and I enjoyed seeing everyone’s responses as well as any additional content that was posted. I noticed a few side conversations form and I found myself adding to them through the comments feature. There seemed to be a smaller amount of participants so the content was rather manageable to keep up with however it was still fast-paced. I feel that a chat involving more participants would make it more difficult to keep up with the conversation since the fee displaying all of the contributions would be continuously bombarded. Although it would be a challenge to participate in larger scale chats, I do believe that there is potential to go back and review the input. Using Twitter allows for the exchange of resources, tools, and other information that will facilitate communication within the realm of education.

Connecting with Classmates

Our next assignment was to connect with our classmates via our social networks that include Twitter and Linkedin. This will help us build our network that will aid us in our future endeavors via social media. I liked reading about my classmates and seeing how they interpreted the standards on their blogs.

Here is a list of resources I presented in correspondence to my classmates questions.

Daniel Cortez:

Amy Blatchley:

Benancio Pineda:

Hailey Leighton:


Being connected as a teacher is of great importance especially as our society is relying on technology to communicate. Social media is a very prevalent form of communication and the use of it for educational purposes can be of great benefit. Using social media sites such as Twitter, will allow me to further connect with my students, parents, and potentially with the community. I can receive resources from tweeting a question and gain further insight on others opinions and information that they contribute.

Relation to ISTE Standards 

This experience definitely has a presence in every standard however I feel that it pertains most to standards 3 and 5. Standard 3 deals with teachers modeling their competence in using technology in the classroom as well as in the community. Twitter live chats can be used by teachers to engage with students as well as with the community surrounding them. In terms of the 5th standard, teachers are expected to stay up to date with new technologies in order to successfully present the benefits that technology use can bring in terms of teaching and learning. Twitter can be used as a tool and resource to teach students in a more modern way. The nature of Twitter is that it is a social media site which is a more modern technology if being used in education.


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