Instructional Video

The task of creating an instructional video was a definite challenge however very rewarding in the sense that you have accomplished something that will benefit your students. My group and I were guided to use a variety of platforms in which made the process rather manageable. Our first task was among the most important since it would lay out the groundwork for the entire project. This was to create a pitch in which we would all collaborate in and include the layout for the video. We had all of our information on the pitch including a lineup of individual tasks, potential ideas, and our script. The platform we used for our pitch was shared on our google drive in which proved to be immensely helpful for the project. We easily collaborated with the help of google drive in which we could share clips, photos, and audio. The platform we used for editing our work was imovie in which was straightforward. We then uploaded our videos to youtube and added captions so that our video could become more accessible. Lastly, we individually created a Google forms document so that we can assess our viewers on the topic.

Our topic was the four seasons in which we briefly explained the reason for them and characteristics that define them. Our video was created for grades 1-3. Click HERE to view!

Click HERE to view our Google forms doc and test your knowledge!

Click HERE to view our Pitch!

The process of creating this video can be related to multiple ISTE standards. Standard II is exemplified as the use of instructional videos will engage my future students by allowing them to view it and have them possibly collaborate on it. I can maximize their learning and understanding of a subject by showing them the video. Standard III applies as I, as a future educator, have shown competence in modern technology and utilized it in the classroom. Standard V also applies since through making the video I would have demonstrated that I can stay up to date with technology and incorporate it into the classroom.




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